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Reshaping Project Management

Helping businesses create more time and money through smart productivity systems.


Simplified Project Management

We make project management easy and scalable by using unique ClickUp templates and workflows that align with your business operations.

Business Systems Development

We create standard operating procedures and automation systems customized for your team & business to ensure flawless execution.

Expert ClickUp Implementation

We build internal communication /productivity systems within ClickUp to help teams keep track of projects, prioritize tasks, and keep moving the needle forward.

ClickUp Training for Teams

We provide customized ClickUp training and course materials to ensure simple and easy implementation of our project management/productvity systems.


Build a Foundation
We help business teams organize, prioritize, and fulfill tasks in a timely and efficient manner, without CEOs having to micromanage their every move.

Scale Your Business

Imagine how much quicker your business would grow if your entire team was laser-focused on tasks that move the needle forward instead of wasting time on trivial activities.

We can make that happen by building a custom productivity system and supporting SOPs & automation to help your team maximize their potential.

Get the Right Support
Do you want to scale your business and improve your internal procedures/management systems but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you. We provide full support and assistance through our customized consultation service designed to meet your company’s needs.


Blue Sound Creative is a result of the behind-the-scenes processes at Blue Sound Studios, a recording studio based in Atlanta. Founded by Ed Unger in 2000, the recording studio provided music production training and quickly grew into an online music production school.

Having gone through the process of building a business and relying heavily on online technologies, Ed developed a systematized approach to team building, communication, and productivity.

Hence, Blue Sound Creative was born – a consulting agency focused on providing training, tools, and the implementation of systems and processes needed to build an efficient project management framework and a proactive environment for team members to collaborate in.

 With 20 years of experience in this space, we have worked with medium and large teams on developing strategic SOPs and procedures that help move companies forward. He has helped organizations with 2+, 15+, 40+ 170+ 300+ members build their ‘business operating system’ including CRM, processes, systems, and communication tools for collaboration.


✔ Get your team on the same page and build a communications/productivity system.

✔ Set up an efficient system for your customer support team.

✔ Build an idea management system for the team to continually innovate new ideas and anticipate the market changes that are always around the corner.

✔ Scale your business and grow your team without wasting time on micromanaging.


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