Blue Sound Creative Marketing Agency in Boca Raton, Florida

Business Process

We use a unique 5-step evaluation system to assess our clients’ business opportunities.


Blue Sound Creative has helped clients with marketing consulting, systems and processes, websites, online school systems, support systems, accounting systems, web development, eCommerce,  and managing social marketing systems for different industries.

We work with the most amazing partners by using a 5 step evaluation process:
Vision, Discovery, Strategy, System, Solutions.


Brand awareness to establish more online growth through internet optimization, social networks, internal project management, and systems development.


The Discovery Phase is where we deep dive with you and analyze your requirements, what is working and what growth opportunities are available.


We will scope out an action strategy that outlines the project plans that we'll execute to meet your requirements and vision.


We will identify systems, processes, automation, and workflow opportunities to meet your requirements and also increase productivity within your business operating systems.


Our recommended solution will include case studies of other similar objectives we have completed and a strategic action plan ready for immediate project kickoff with you.

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